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Services for Small Medium Enterprise (SME)!

Small Business Services is dedicated to helping you, the small business employer. AccounTax4U provides strategic, tactical, and operational guidance to its clients. As trusted advisors, we facilitate integration between the business and IT organization, in achieving specific business goals. Some of our services include:

Management Consulting

  • Management Consulting - Working with you, we leverage our extensive business experience and unique expertise to provide innovative and practical guidance to achieve your desired business results.

  • Part Time CFO / Controller - The purpose of this service is to improve the profitability and value of your business. Companies without a Chief Financial Officer (CFO) are at a competitive disadvantage. Many start-ups, small and mid-sized firms have sophisticated operations and Complex cost and financial challenges like large companies, only on a smaller scale. They need the expertise of a senior financial executive, but not full-time, nor can they typically afford the cost of a full-time CFO. Outsourcing CFO function via a part time CFO offers a viable solution to small and medium enterprises (SME).

  • Virtual CxO Services - You may not require a full-time CFO/CIO/CTO or even be able to find one. Essentially, you outsource the higher level financial, operational and technology management to our consultant who provides a combination of on-site and off-site services. We build relationships with your bankers, negotiate with your customers and suppliers and develop strategies that improve the profitability of your business.

  • Business Transformation - By integration of performance improvement initiative design with technology engineering which is vital to lowering risk, increasing speed to results, and maximizing value.

Financing your business

  • All businesses require capital for a variety of reasons. You may need it for building or expanding a plant, acquiring new equipment, opening a new business, working capital to fund growth, a leveraged buyout or restructuring or to refinance your existing debt. With a strong network of relationships in the financial community, our professionals can help connect you with the funding sources that are suited for your business and personal requirements.
  • Review and assess business plans and short-term cash-flow forecasts.

Profitable Growth

  • Successful organizations often have in common the ability to drive toward and achieve corporate objectives regardless of market conditions. AccounTax4U can help companies grow and achieve operational goals. Work with our advisers to develop an operationally driven strategic plan to increase enterprise value through financial management practices and operational improvements. We focus on your needs so that you can allocate your resources in an optimal manner.

Measure Your Results

  • Success in business can be elusive. You begin with the best of intentions, identify goals, set targets, make plans and carry them out. Sometimes you achieve the desired result, but other times you fall short – without really knowing why. Measurement provides the critical feedback for assessing progress and making improvements, as well as operationalizing strategy and delivering intended results. Our professionals can help you determine what your measurement needs are, whether they be financial or non-financial, and which measurement tools are right for you.

Mergers & Acquisition / Seal the deal

  • AccounTax4U professionals understand the many complexities and pitfalls of the transaction process. Their knowledge and experience can help you identify and navigate through the maze of issues to “seal the deal.”
  • We advise buyers, sellers, borrowers, lenders and financial investors in:
    • Valuation & Business Modeling
    • Equity Capital Raising: Public Offerings, Placements
    • Debt Capital Raising: Corporate, Sovereign, Project and Structured Finance
    • Capital Restructuring and Securitizations
    • Acquisitions, Mergers, Takeovers, Buy-outs
    • Divestitures and Demergers
    • Joint ventures and Transaction Alliances Read More

Navigate effective Taxation & Accounting strategies

  • Private companies have many more tax planning options available to them than do public companies — AccounTax4U can build a truly effective tax plan tailored to your specific situation.
  • Arrange a Loan
  • Factoring (A/R, PO Financing)
  • Personal & Corporate Taxes
  • Finance & Accounting Services
  • Bookkeeping & Payroll
  • Outsourcing

Go Public

  • If and when you are thinking to take your private company public, AccounTax4U will help you understand the IPO market and what is involved in every step of the way—from making an informed decision, to preparing for and executing an IPO, to operating as a public company.
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